flim flam

It's been a few days, I know. My screenwriting course had us critiquing each other so that was time-consuming.  The Blue Jays have also taken a lot of time, although I am beginning to multi-task while they stand around.  And I am supposed to be getting ready to go away next week, packing, planning and so on.

  I came close to doing something positive a few days ago: I went to a shoe store and bought some walking shoes,some "skimmers" for dinner and a new pair of flip-flops.  I'm so old I can remember when they were called thongs, short for thong sandals, and they cost about $1.99, no tax in those days.  Then thongs became underwear - how uncomfortable! -  and the sandals became flip-flops - actually a lovely example of onomatopoeia - and my recent pair cost $34.00, plus tax.