who am i now?

I was thinking about Art Linkletter (1912-2010), Canadian-born (didn't know that) American humorist, entertainer, best known in my memory for his show about kids who - "say the darndest things."  I member reading somewhere that after he had retired from the public eye (not too far)someone recognized him and said , "Didn't you used to be Art Linkletter?"  There's a line much like that that I used in a play - maybe I twirled it around - anyway, I have an old woman being interviewed and the interviewer says "Who did you used to be?"  Wait for it.  It will happen to you, too.  All it takes is time.

You must have noticed all the surveys we are being subjected to now online. We're a captive audience, and everyone likes quizzes, up to a point. I've stopped answering  because I get so far into the Q and A and then it stops and says I don't qualify because I have told them how old I am.  Unpredictable. (Me)  I don't mind.

  The question is, who am I now?