happy hallowe'en

Not so happy but I'm here.

....AND  the day is not over.  The Dodgers just won the 6th game so we go to a 7th and final game to determine who wins the World Series this year.  I'm so old I remember when they were the Brooklyn Dodgers. Don't tell me how many years they've been in Los Angeles. 

Remember Winnie the Pooh? (1926) Before my time too, but how could anyone forget?  There's lots of new activity  these days about the little bear from Winnipeg. That's also a fact they won't let you forget.  Well, I've been thinking of Tigger. Haven't checked it lately but I seem to remember that when Tigger showed up in that little group of friends, no one knew what he wanted to eat and he didn't know either.  So Pooh took him aroiund to his friends and tried their different preferences on him.  I remember Tigger's positive distaste for Eeyore's diet - was it oats? - no, something thorny.  [IT WAS THISTLES. I LOOKED IT UP.]  I'll have to look it up but not now, it's late.  Before he sampled them, Tigger said that was what tiggers liked best until aargh! he tasted them. Nope, not oats - THISTLES.

I'm like Tigger, and not just about food.  Tigger liked bouncing, too.  Whatever is going on, I get enthusiastic, or if not enthusiastic, at least eager. - that is, when I'm not so tired and tense, and I say mmm, that's what Bettyjane likes best. So It keeps me up late at night, late for the game just concluded, for example.  I should go to bed.

After all, tomorrow is another day.....