Everything tastes like more.

I don't go out for many meals at home so it has been a rare treat for me to go out - three days in a row! - for lunch.  (All of them were my treat; I owed everybody.)  I had a hamburger (no bun) the first day because I was hungry after a long lean day of driving and thought I needed meat. The second day I was cold and I had minestrone, first soup -for-lunch of the season, and bruschetta, more tomatoes than bread. And yesterday I had oysters - all local ones from the ocean so near - because I LOoove oysters. 

Today we are at home and we will eat leftovers for lunch. I'm very good at leftovers. (My first cookbook, you may remember, was about leftovers - Encore: The Leftovers Cookbook; McClelland & Stewart, 1975, I think.) Tonight, though, I will be alone because J&K are going to a party and Kate bought me sushi for my dinner.  I love sushi.  

"There must be something you don't like," says a character in one of my plays to a very fat friend.  The friend thinks a bit before she answers..."Well," she says, "I don't like water much." [The play is called "The Temptation of Carol Hamilton" and it's about a fat woman who tries to sell her soul to the Devil to be thin. It was first produced - where else? - in Waterloo, Iowa. Mention my name in Iowa.]

I just hope I haven't gained any weight.  We'll see.