I can see why TV writers keep setting stories in hospitals (esp. ER) or n city police departments.  I am totally invisible as I watch and listen to what’s going on around me in the emergency room, not because I match the walls but because people in distress are totally focused on themselves and what is going on in their damaged bodies.  They’re invisible, too, so you are safe - I mean I - I am safe.

Also better. Soon.  I know I’m not all better because my lists are shorter than usual. Most lists, have you noticed, require some physical effort for follow-up. like walking or standing, pushing a vacuum or a Swiffer,  schlepping groceries or laundry, and I won’t go on because I don’t want to.  They all use my legs too much. 

My new list is hard onmy bad leg because it involves sitting with my legs down.  I must be elevated, in more ways than one.  One, raise the leg, two, raise the mind, three, raise the stakes.