oh dear

This may be brief. We all have good days and bad days. Yesterday. of course, was a high, with a lovely family celebration. We celebrated my 85 years by canvassing the group to cite a highlight in each of the decades they had so far lived. There were only six of us so it wasn’t too drawn-out but it was very interesting and I think we all learned something about each other even though we are all so closely related. And we were well lubricated by champagne, hence quite eloquent.

Now I’ve had a setback with my leg. The wound is not healing well and I have to go back to hospital for treatment, followed possibly by some home care. I guess the good news is that it will force me to sit still and get at my writing again (though it hurts to sit with the leg down instead of elevated. Have to think about that).

Win some, lose some. (but not the leg, I trust)

Have a nice day.