somebody tell me something

A newsy item on Global TV News announced that God is withdrawing from Twitter. I didn’t know He was on Twitter.  It made me think of a line from The Lady’s Not for Burning.  Alisoun, who had been set to be a nun, finds a husband instead, so her family scraps the idea of a religious vocation.  Someone asks her what she thinks of Humphrey as a prospective bridegroom, and she replies, “He’s not God, of course.” (I hope I got the names right.)

Anyway, whoever was issuing directives on Twitter is not God, of course, and now he’s leaving. The announcer went on to say that Twitter is dwindling, decreasing in numbers.  Well, it’s a good thing.  Every time I have someone interested in “following” me, whatever that means, I delete them if there is a K after the number of followers the Tweeter already has.  Who has time to pay attention to that many followers?  They’re not God.

But I don’t know what a follower is supposed to do, or say or tweet.  I also don’t know what trendings are.  Not trends - trendings.  I asked in a tweet but none of my followers answered.  I asked in a specifically targeted tweet (o my grandson) what a podcast is.  William is a whiz-bang of a Twitterer and he answered immediately.  Very efficient. He has several thousand followers. I guess he can manage them. 

That makes me think of Ellsworth Tooey – I think that was his name (Toohey?) – in Ayn Rand’s novel, The Fountainhead.  He started several small think groups related in interest though not in power to big, legitimate associations and then, by a series of weaselly moves, he took over the power.  Why? Never mind. I am not going to recommend that you read the book.  (Aargh.)

See, the older you get and the more you read and experience, the more you are reminded of something you already know.  I don’t think I’ll ever run out of blogs. Of energy, yes, but not of blog material.

  That’s all for now. I’m tired.