blog along little dogey

I was wiped out again by Safari today. Why don’t I learn, and remember? Soon I will. It’s a good thing I’m going away soon because then my mind will be focused on larger things than my own small world of irritations and setbacks. I really messed up today. I invited my son to come for a new (Xmas-gift) movie and dinner and then I proceeded not only to deny us both the pleasure of the DVD but in attempting to install it, I wrecked my digital reception and I’m getting NOTHING on my TV.  Aargh. Perhaps I was not meant to live in this century.

That’s what I mean: it is better to travel and focus on things other than domestic.  No one cares that I goofed. Neither do I really.  I just wish that I hadn’t .

I am almost better. I am still sleeping a lot but I can walk across a room without falling down so that’s real progress. The good thing about being so short of energy is that I sat (and sat and sat) and went through papers and files and clippings and I threw away tonnes of stuff. Now I have reduced the mound to an efficient(threatening) stack of papers/letters/directions/noodges that must be dealt with.

Tomorrow, maybe.