"I do believe sometimes discipline is very important. I'm not just lying around like a lazy cow all the time."  Bjork

See, I'm going to pieces, beginning every morning without my swim.  (I still don't feel well enough to immerse my body in water at 6 a.m.)  Maybe I'm just being lazy, and I can attest to that because I am sleeping a lot - very lazy.  I still wake early and read the NYT on line and maybe write (confess) in my journal a bit and then...I lie down at 6 and go back to sleep.  See? I'm going to pieces.

So I looked up discipline. Normally I have a line by heart that I can use on an appropriate occasion but I don't seem to have anything on file for discipline.  Under Brainy Quotes I found not very inspiring or witty lines by people I never heard of. There's always Katherine Hepburn in five words or less, but while succinct, not apt.  And then I found Björk, bless her. Very apt, because that's exactly what I've been doing, lying around like a lazy cow. It has to stop.  Soon.

I'll think about it tomorrow.