learn something every day...

There's no denying it:  the Blue Jays are taking too much of my time.  But how often does it happen? Well, I hope it's going to happen.  Don't want to jinx it by saying it out loud, that is, by printing it in black and white. I just have to fit my days around those games.  I'm trying to do some work, too, now, one eye on a book or notes and both eyes on the pitcher. 

So I'm short of time, have to fit in a blog before another day is over. l was going to write something longer but I have something else on my mind. Yesterday I had to go downtown, into the heart of the business district to meet a publisher. (Don't ask.)  I took a new-to-me streetcar. I asked someone about it/them: pretty new to t he city, too, only a couple of months since they arrived. So I wasn't the only one who was confused.  I transferred easily at a subway station so I didn't have to worry about paying a fare then.  Of course I noticed that it was a big, new, modern car, very long, with accordion additions, and with step-up, facing seats, handsome but not very comfortable.  Suddenly there was a horrible screeching, hooting noise and the car stopped.  The driver stepped out of his box and walked down the aisle until he found a little, scared-looking kid, maybe 13-14  years old, small for his age (Asian-Canadian).  The driver led him over to a small yellow bar on the wall and ordered him to read the (very small) sign; the kid was too scared to do anything. The driver told him that he had broken the law, that he was forbidden to touch the emergency stop sign, for that was what it was, and that the police would deal with him or/and he would have to pay a fine of $500. This confrontation went on as the threat was repeated several times before the driver went back to his space to move us on.  The kid got off at the next stop. 

Now, that's tricky, too.  There's a button in the middle of the door that I think opens it, not sure. An old woman pushed something else and the car stopped again and the driver came out again and gave her a lecture.  I didn't understand it, either, but he let her off. 

Well, when I was going home, another of the new cars picked me up. I didn't know what to do with my (senior) ticket. There was a kind of a slot machine for people to buy tokens? tickets? didn't see them, but I had one.  A woman showed me a little box beside the slot machine where I slid my ticket in to be stamped, proving I had paid.  We had to have POP (Proof of Purchase) in case someone checked.  No one checked and I came home with a stamped ticket. What do I do with it?

That's not all. The elevators in the building where I was meeting the editor had an advance box with a little screen with numbers displayed . I had to push the number of the floor I wanted to go to and on a smaller, separate screen it directed me to go to Elevator R (other people were sent to other letters).  I entered Elevator R and it knew which floor to let me off at. (Lots of prepositions ending sentences here, can't help it.) 

Hey, I'm an urban person but  I guess I haven't been downtown lately, just malls and movies and theatres and such. So even though I live in the biggest city in Canada, I had encountered a couple of new wrinkles  that made me feel like a rube.  Simple definition: a country bumpkin. Yup.

Learn something every day.