Apparently, 100 - that's one hundred - remaining of the 140 world travellers who signed up for the truncated cruise on the Insignia, 100 kept on going and going and going.  I've been fortunate enough to be on the mailing list of one of the ongoing couples and wow, what a trip! I said I'd go again in a heartbeat but this continuing around-the-world effort has been inexorable and at times gruelling.  I write the wife about every third report (with excellent photographs and she does it all) to comment or commiserate.  Yesterday I asked how she was doing with the food.  They're vegetarian, so they are more limited in their choices. She said they went occasionally to one of the specialty restaurants (Italian) as a change from the Grand Dining Room but they had never gone to the grill for obvious reasons.  The restaurant manager finally asked them why they din't come in and they were going to go. I wonder what they'll have; I'll ask her. I told her one of my favourite combinations I worked out though I am not vegetarian. I would order a side order of pasta with basil pesto rather than tomato sauce, and an order of steamed broccoli that I stirred into the pasta.  Num.  I eat that at home, too.

That solves only one night once in a while.  I must pursue this.  I'm watching and paying close attention to this ongoing trip.  I'll keep you posted.