this will be short

I have a real big blog building in me but it's too late for it now.  Today I printed out ALL my blogs.  My goodness, they take up a lot of paper.  Quite daunting, really.  Also humbling.  Who am I to use up so many trees?

I'm still living in two time frames: ship-time and home-time. The one thing that reconciles me to home is my balcony, sitting out on it (and working) surrounded by trees. It's not the ocean, of course, but I pretend that the traffic noise (from Bloor Street across the ravine) is waves. And every morning (at 6) when I swim, I miss the ship pool.  My pool is longer but it doesn't have the current or the under-tow, so it's not quite the work-out.  Still, I make do.

Right now, it's later than it should be but I'm going out on the balcony with a nightcap and let the waves (traffic) lull me to sleep.  

Tomorrow I'm going to talk about being mortal.