every day in every way...

I fall a little more behind.  How does that line go: "the hurrier I go, the behinder I get"? Not that I'm hurrying.  I actually start out each day quite efficiently but as the day progresses I seem to lose initiative and end up puttering.  Not that puttering isn't useful.  I do some of  my best work when I putter.  But it's dismaying to putter when there is so much REAL WORK to be done. 

I think I'm missing people, the new friends I made on the ship.  I am by nature a loner and I certainly sought out space to be alone on board.  But there are times of the day now when I really miss the people I played, drank, ate and talked with.  It's when I pause for breath, between my tasks - and they are myriad - that I miss them, a lot. Soon I will begin to write them. Not yet.  Too many other things to do, write, tidy up, sort, file and put away.

And another blog to write before I sleep.