settling in...

Into a routine, not a rut, I hope.  Today I will have my hair cut and that's one more step to being me again.  I had my bangs cut three times on the ship (in the Canyon Ranch Spa) and my entire head once - not so good.  The hair didn't grow out well.  I like wash and wear hair because of my daily swim. So towards the end I waited. Oddly enough, the spa charges less than my hairdresser in Toronto.  I'm back in the world of spending money.

I felt so RICH on the ship.  Everything was done for us.  The entire staff was intent on satisfying our every need.  No matter how small or ridiculous the request, every effort was made to meet it.  Amazing!  I have to keep reminding myself that life isn't like that, at least, not for me it isn't. And yet I am content.  

I saved two of the daily menu we received with our nightly newsletter. I used to carry it around with me during the day while I decided what I wanted to eat that evening, so I wouldn't make snap decisions when presented with the dinner menu.  I found two of them among the papers I saved. So tomorrow I will finally report on the cuisine of the Insignia.  The fact that I lost about 4 pounds (a little bit more, depending on the scales and time) does not reflect on the food but indicates what a huge effort I made to be disciplined. 

Keep on keeping on.