wait a minute wait a minute

I do plan to fill in my travel epic with a few hindsight remarks and after thoughts and observations  but the world is catching up with me and I am spinning. Or is it that the floor still rolls a little?  Anyway, I went to do a pile of washing this morning (those winter sheets, among other things) and discovered my laundry room gutted.  New machines are being, have been, installed and a whole new method of payment.  And here I was so smart to buy a roll of quarters in readiness. Learn something every day, no matter where you are.  

New Wifi in the building, too, almost finished.  Have to resolve payment (refund!) among other things with my provider with whom I already have a travel bone to pick. I'm having people for dinner every night so I'm back in the kitchen.. My guest for this evening postponed just minutes before someone else called to take her place.  He's going away for two weeks so I can't put him off.  Nor can I continue with the menu planned as he's very picky and decides what he wants to eat. That's okay; I shopped on --what day? -- I think Friday.  

And I started making appointments: haircut, dental check up, dermatologist (after 3 months in the sun), and began making arrangements to attend the plays at the Stratford Festival.  I get freebies to every show each summer because my husband died in harness and I received a compassionate pass -- they had no idea I was going to live so long!  I try to make up for it with a large (for me) donation every year.

Now I look back in wonder at the cruise days, especially Sea Days, when we were so "busy" but so free.  I'll think about it tomorrow.