here we are




We are just docking in Guatemala, well, in Puerto Quetzal, for a brief (7 hour) stop before we sail on.  I can’t remember what I signed up for, so long ago in February and March.  I read the descriptions three times, checking weather, time and information, trying to allow for my stamina.  I’m actually stronger and in better health now than when I started out.  I don’ remember what I chose and I can’t understand some of my choices (like the tequila class). Today I’m going to a macadamia nut farm.  I guess it’s going to tell me more about macadamia nuts than I care to know, but I like macadamia nuts and we’ll probably get to sample some – with chocolate, i hope.

I’m writing this in WORD and I’ll transfer it to cobwebblog when I get on line. It’s difficult again because there are so many people on board now.  Perhaps by the time I get to send it to you I’ll have more to say about macadamia nuts, and other kinds of nuts – we have a lot on board.

I still have not seen the new nuts. My roommate had left her iPad online so I couldn't get on - one stateroom account for the two of us. Perhaps I'll get back to you or perhaps not. It's a four-hour excursion, they say but it usually takes longer, mostly because people with cameras want to take just one (or two or three) more pictures. I don't mind, but we'll be late for dinner And I'll miss Trivial Pursuit.  Minor problems. 

Just wait till next week.