still exploring

Where did yesterday go?  I thought I did my blog for yesterday it but I see it's a day later than I thought it was.  You think I'm confused about dates? Time is the killer. We have been going forward an hour every day or so. Now, tonight we have to go back an hour for Guatemala but then we go forward again for Panama. 

I tried another resort today: a hotel - Las Brisas - in Huatulco, Mexico (pron. wah-TOOL-co). It was very hot today. I didn't swim in the hotel pool; I stuck my feet in it and the water was hot.  I swam on  the ship at 6 and it was perfect and because we had docked, the water was calm. So I sat (in the shade) and caught up with my New YorkTimes and then I got acquainted with some of the newbies.  I think I told you, the ship has a full complement now, 684 passengers, of which only 100 are the old-timers - the World Travellers.

I think I've almost worn out my name-recalling skill.  I worked very hard at it and I was doing okay but this vast influx of new faces and names is too much.  On the other hand, my persona is sticking, worse than ever. You know the hail-fellow-well-met, jolly old lady sitting there with a smile and a glass of wine?  That's me. I've pretty well stopped attempting interesting conversational ploys. I just let the talk ride along on ship gossip and the day's travel sensations. The conversation never lags; That's why people think they've made such good friends because they never run out of things to say. Once they're off the ship and back to real life -- well, no wonder all they can manage is a Christmas card.  I can only speculate how it will be for us, the world travellers, after three months of constant companionship. We'll just wait and see.