"The Komodo dragon is the largest lizard on earth.  “When you see oe for the first time it is as if you are looking back to the age of the dinosaur. The male of the species can grow up to 10 feet long and weigh over 200 pounds.  The female is usually a bit smaller.  They live from between 20 and 40 years.  They are a truly amazing species with a sense of smell that can detect their next meal from up to five miles away.  Extremely strong, with huge hooked claws and a forked tongue that they use in much the same manner as a snake, the Komodo dragon is both fast on land and able to swim as easily as it can climb a tree.

The great danger from a Komodo dragon I the deadly bacteria found in its mouth. If an unlucky prey is lucky enough to escape from the powerful jaws of this dragon it will soon succumb to the bacteria (and an anti-coagulant that makes the victim keep bleeding)."

                        from my Oceania newsletter for May 5


It’s now May 8  and I’m behind in my blogs.  I did too much too soon after my indisposition, carried away (not literally) by the Komodo dragons., so I was very weak and tired.

I couldn't mail that yesterday because I couldn't get online.  So here it is now, my catchup report for May 8; It was a busy morning. I caught up with my New York Times (the new Baby, the British election, Broadway theatre news, and so on) and then attended a talk about the Great Barrier Reef by a long-time pilot. who will be guiding us through – tomorrow, I think.  I probably won’t finish this now because I have Trivial Pursuit at 4:30. I know I know.  I said no macramé or ballroom dancing but TP is different.  I also took a Sit Fit class this morning.  So busy!!!

We're heading for Cairns now, not docking until tomorrow (Sunday?) late afternoon.  I still have to write m report for Wednesday, I think.  I will describe beautiful Darwin, the goal of my excursion that day.   Such a lovely day and such a darling  city!