here I am again

So much better than better, and just in time. 

I was quarantined in my cabin for 24 hours - not much  hardship for me, but hard on my room-mate, who was not sick.  Room service was ordered for us, with prescribed mild food, served on plastic dishes with plastic utensils, with red plastic haz-mat bags for disposal.  I have not mentioned our relationship.  We had accepted each other as companions sight unseen to save the $50,000 it would have cost to be alone.  We couldn't be more unlike and we have worked out a kind of détente that has worked out quite well.  We are civil and co-operative and we don't live in each other's pocket, so it has been okay.  I think it must have been as hard on her to be in my constant company for 24 hours as it was for me, and it was my fault, after all; she wasn't the one who was sick. I may have to write something about it: a play, maybe., it was quite funny.  

Anyway, 24 hours after diagnosis by the doctor, he made a house/cabin call and pronounced us fit to leave.  I had a ticket for the first departure to see the Komodo Dragons (pron. like kimono) but I was a bit leery, sort of weak, maybe a bit dizzy?  I exchanged my early exit for a later one, only an hour later, but it gave me time to have a cup of coffee, assess my health and decide whether I was up to it.  

Well, I went and it was fabulous.  I'll include a description of the "dragons" later. They are quite dangerous and we had to be careful and obey our guides, with no guarantee, BTW, that we would even see them.  They are an endangered species and they have been given a park all to themselves. They are carnivorous and forage/hunt for their food.  We saw a couple of  deer and I didn't see but believed that others saw a wild pig, all prey for the lizards, for that is what they are. I actually took a picture of one, and I'll try to send it.  (I'll get help.)  

It was very hot and we walked for about 2 hours but on a groomed (rough, but groomed) trail through a jungle that has been trimmed to a park in the environs.  We arrived at a  water-hole where the dragons hang out and we saw about six of them altogether!  Wow! 

I had a shower and shampoo when I returned to the ship in time to have a beer (2, actually) and real food, and I was just fine.  Big nap after before I went to Trivial Pursuit - a daily, also nightly pastime, and I'm in a team that wins (often) or, places or shows; we are given Big-O (for Oceania) points and apparently we can cash them in when the cruise is finished for "prizes".  We'll see. In the meantime, it is fun and very humbling as I keep being reminded of how much I don't know. (I think I have to take Geography 101 when I return.) 

I can't give you more information about the dragons right now because I have to get ready for the 4th wine-tasting. Each session is more expensive than the last and I'm enjoying it and learning a lot-- how much I'll retain I'm not sure. I'm going into detail like this because my daughter Kate was getting the impression that I wasn't having fun.  I am. I am having fun. Also enjoying it all.

More to come....