a life on the ocean waves

The waves in the pool offer a real work out these past two mornings. I am amazed at the effort it takes to cross this minuscule sea. It feels good. I feel healthy and trim.  One of these days I'm going to weigh myself.  

I'm not the only one who looks forward to and relishes Sea Days. I wouldn't have believed how busy one gets and how involved in daily activities.  The shore excursions cut into the time! I am also surprised at the depth of friendship one can develop in this unreal shipboard time. It's not summer camp time; that's too short. It's more like boarding school: daily and inexorable and seemingly endless, for good or ill.  Mostly for good.  

I still get flyers from my favourite grocery stores and recipes from the New York Times but I can't pay any attention because I am not shopping or cooking for myself.  I do plan, however. Along with our nightly newsletter, we receive a sheet of menus for lunch and dinner the next day. I study it all day, in spare moments, and figure out what I'll eat, taking into account my plans for the day, with a nod to Weight Watchers and calorie counts.  I hope I don't make it sound like work.  I enjoy it. 

Perhaps, if anyone is interested, I can give some examples of my daily intake and of the delights offered.

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