at last

I tried for over 24 hours to get back online to finish my déja vu meditation.  We are told that it takes a message a long time to be delivered because it has to travel the equivalent of 4 times around the world. According to Google, I'm getting and sending messages via New Zealand - a long way away now.  We were in American Samoa yesterday (it rained) and we now have two Sea Days to reach Raiatea (sp?), I think.

I must check in with you this morning, however,  because we are going to another "Premium" wine-tasting this afternoon. We went to an add-on yesterday, no, two days ago:  15 countries and 3 bottles each with a bonus supplied by one of the guests: 3 or 4 bottles (red, white and dessert) from Witches Falls, Brisbane. Our sommeliers hadn't tasted some of the wine so they joined in. It was quite a party.  Oh, my.  I'm not sure whether I'm learning a lot or becoming a wino.  Fun, though.

I may be slipping back into a routine. It is finally warm enough to swim again every morning. I finished my research/reading for my new project and I have to begin to create characters and decide on the major, turning-point events of 3 or 4 acts.  That will  happen next week when we begin to cross the Pacific.  I suppose you know that if all the landmass in the world were dumped into the Pacific, there would still be ocean left over. What else can I tell you?

Just Trivial Pursuit nuggets, not much use except for other TP games.  I go back and forth between being brilliant and abysmally stupid.

As usual.