Here's another writer you should know about if you don't already: Jincy Willett. I read murder mysteries, all different genres (procedural, thriller, cozy, etc.).  I read  them while I pedal on a stationary, recumbent pedalling machine - a bicycle without handlebars -  that leaves my hands free to hold a book so I won't die of boredom.  I read a mystery by Willett called The Writing Class and loved it. 

I lent it to a couple of people in my building but demanded it back because I wanted to read it again.    I came across Willett in the NYT: first a book review she wrote, then a new book she published.  I read it, too,; she is a different voice (s they say).  Now I'm reading  Class for the third time and still enjoying it.  Willett, like her heroine in Writing Class, is a writer teaching creative writing to a night class. She has a weird sense of humour, kooky contacts, blogs, links, and she is a stickler for good grammar.  She's funny and informative; so is the book.  it's fun.  I need fun. I won't give any illustrations from her blog(s).  You can look her up and find out for yourself.  

Once I started packing for my cruise, which meant trying on clothes and having to look at myself, I couldn't sleep.  I kept thinking of more stuff, to remember, to include, to do, to buy.  I calmed down, sort of, by reasoning that after all, I don't have to pack for three months, I just have to pack for a week.  Laundry will take care of repetition.  I'll stay clean. Add a few special numbers for evening dinners (not formal, just "golf club dressy"), and more shoes, and I'll be fine.  I read somewhere that people born under the sign of Pisces are fussy bout their feet.  That's me. I usually take more shoes, proportionally, than clothes. I don't mind if my feet aren't fashionable; I do care iif they hurt.  Oh my, a blog becomes terribly intimate.