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Blogs are so personal and so self-indulgent, at least, mine is.  I have enough trouble trying to write my blog every day without reading others'. I know I'd learn a lot if I did.  Take Neil Gaiman.

I really like his writing. I've read only half a dozen or so of his books  -- his output is enormous.  --   and I have enjoyed them, for adults or others- not much difference, he just writes well. So I was looking him up because i just bought his newest book, a collection called "Trigger Warnings". And the review referred to his blog, so I looked him up - - wow.  

It was dated February something and he was in Dublin, having just received a James Joyce Award and then he was going on to London, or somewhere, to give a speech about Douglas Adams.  Wow.  And he went on from there, discussing his new book (Trigger Warnings).  My thoughts, apart from Wow, several times, were regret and apologies to my 2 or 3 (maybe 6?) readers for not having more exciting stuff to report.  Soon, maybe.

 I still haven't decided on my clothes so I haven't  packed the advance bag but I have packed a new LLBean toiletries bag (it will hang on the back of the door in the cabin bathroom- if there's space.)   Oh, dear, now how exciting is that?  But I am getting ready to write a worthwhile travelblog.   

Stay tuned.