still confused

People are asking for photographs and I'm still a bit vague about going on line, catching up with mail, and writing my blog. I am still not even sure what day it is, and the time keeps changing.  I think we're recovering an hour a day, or going back an hour, I'm not sure, as we begin to go north- east, I think, to Thailand.  

This morning we were on time for our swim - I'm happy to tell you that my room-mate likes to rise early and swim - but the pool was still filling and choppy. We had coffee while we waited and talked to a fellow swimmer from Alabama (she hates Hillary Clinton) who slays she was named after the great Confederate general Sedge. I said my knowledge of American history was a bit spotty and she looked shocked until she realized I was Canadian and she admitted her knowledge of Canadian history was a bit spotty, too.  Anyway, Sedge likes to swim, too,  and we three had to wait until after seven to swim. Laps are hard in a short pool but fortunately, my fellow amphibians prefer to do knee and leg exercises at the side of the pool.  We ate at the Waves Grill, a little restaurant beside the pool, continental breakfast for Liisa and me; Sedge went in to a dining room for bacon and eggs. 

You don't want to hear all this, do you? There are multi eating and drinking places and myriad activities each day and I'm still trying to find my way around.  My sense of direction is being sorely tried and you would be so proud of me for the effort I am taking with names. 

Right now I'm going back for afternoon tea - just the tea, not the food - and an interesting couple I met from New Zealand. 

Wow, another day!