It's still today, I think, according to my webblog. I'm just back from afternoon High Tea - but no more Devonshire Cream tea for me. Once a year is enough and I just had it two days in a row. I met more people, and I'm going to have to go into detail about some of them, though not now  I came back to change because there's a Captain's Cocktail Party this evening and Himself is going  to speak. Then I'm going to the Grand Dining Room (not as good as the Polo Grill, so I am told) because I want the appetizer: blinis with caviar. I like caviar. 

Now don't judge me too quickly. I had to cancel my online Weight Watchers because they can't reach me here, but I know what I'm doing and I'm doing a mental check of my Points each day. I'm okay, not great, but okay.  Still settling in, still too self-indulgent, but it's early days.  I found the library, BTW, and it's lovely. My sleeping habits are appalling, as usual, worse because my body doesn't know what day or time it is. According to my poor confused watch I hit the library at 3:30 this morning. It's taken me a while to find my way online, I'm picking up speed.  And speaking of the library and every place else, I take my security blanket with me everywhere. My son and daughter-in-law gave me a lovely (blue, of course) travel blanket for my birthday and I have worn it every day.  I mean, worn.  The air conditioning on the ship is aggressive, to say the least. Lesley Towers, you would love it. I am so cold. I put it on over everything I wear. Last night I tried to go without it when I went to dinner to try to look slightly more presentable.  I was shivering so before my hot consommé arrived that the mâitresse d'hotel went and got me a blanket from the spa to keep me warm while I ate. So I looked like a cult figure in a (blue, I'm happy to say) cocoon and no one saw my pretty jacket from Tilleys.  I don't mind. I brought very few  clothes with me, as you know, so people will have lots of opportunity to see the jacket and everything else. 

Right now I'm wearing my long denim skirt, a tank top, a Shetland sweater, and my security blanket. All blue . At least I'm colour-coordinated.