Those of you who know me might be aware that I am the queen of leftovers.  I do not throw food away.  My first cookbook was about leftovers (Encore: The Leftovers Cookbook), and went into 2 printings. So you can understand I had to make sense of my unused dinner when Matt stood me up the other night.  Did I tell you the original menu? I remember mentioning Weight Watchers because I  used  a WW recipe for "Southern Fried" chicken, baked in the oven - two boneless, meaty breasts. Vegetables included green beans, Israeli couscous in pesto sauce, and baked sweet potato.  I ate a small amount of that dinner; I don't have as big an appetite as Matt has, and that night even smaller.  .So:

I cut up some of the chicken and added chopped red pepper, celery, hard-boiled egg, onion heated in curry seasoning and mayonnaise to create a chicken salad filling which I rolled into tortilla wraps, for lunches. (Gave two of them away.)   I had a guest for dinner last night: seared haddock, roasted beets, sugar snap beans, and leftover Israeli couscous - still have some of that left.  Tonight I had sliced chicken on a bed of green beans, sprinkled lavishly with shredded Parmesan and heated till the cheese melted. (Num.)  I guess I'll do something like a potato skin with the sweet potato, have to think about the seasoning.   Maybe the last of the couscous can be a stir-fried thing like I do with rice. 

We go through each day with layers and layers of thoughts,  some more useful than others. My mind is like a pousse-café.