I was still roiled after my comeuppance with  my son and had to find my equilibrium. I actually started yesterday morning when I woke early and began at once to fuss. You'd think after all this time (54 years) I'd have begun to accept the setbacks and the frustrated expectations, but I am naive in my hopefulness, also maternal and sentimental - words I used in my blog.  

So I started thinking about those words, adjectives actually, and listed others ending in 'al', like fraternal and paternal, but I couldn't think of one for sisterly.  Okay, "ly" more often is a suffix that makes a word an adverb rather than ad adjective: wryly, hastily, gaily, and so on.  I love the 'ine' suffix used for animals: bovine, canine, feline, pavonine (nice one for peacock, isn't it?) and vulpine. but there isn't one for tortoise or turtle and I wish there were. How about 'tic"?  Sympathetic, empathetic, hectic, frantic.  Yes, but my favourites are very few and very old, as in olden, golden, oaken, wooden, leathern (very old) and silvern. also archaic, seen only in fairy tales.  

All this while I was still lying in bed, not sleeping.  But I felt better, more relaxed. Focusing on words helped.  It usually does.