happy February first

I almost forgot to say it because i've written it twice already today: once when I signed in to swim because we have to let the city know how many bodies are using the pool - for the Ph factor, I think; and the second time when I wrote it in my diary, which these days is not as generous as my blog, because sometimes I spread myself too thin.  Anyway, you know what?  It's not quite midnight so I'm in and that's a good thing because tomorrow is Groundhog Day and I can't let that go by, either. What would we do without milestones?

I promised myself in my January generic letter that I would do something about my sock drawer and again belatedly I realized that it's February already and before I write a February generic I had better do something about the socks so I did. What would we do without deadlines?

Today was better, not only because of the socks.