procrastination is the pickpocket of time

I procrastinated a lot yesterday and that was a good thing.  My goal was to complete my GST report for the last quarter of 2014, and to telefile it, and I did, but it took a long time and a lot of procrastinating to get it done. The good news was that I did a lot of other things while I was avoiding doing what I had to do, and they were good, useful tasks (love that word) that were somewhere on a to-do list. So I felt pretty good at the end of the day and that carried over until this morning when  I had a guest for breakfast - truly! - a guest, not an overnight leftover. It probably never occurred to you that it might be otherwise because I'm so old, too old for that sort of thing, whatever that sort of thing is, and you're  right and I shouldn't have brought it up but I have a scintilla of  memory with fading  wisps of temps perdu.

Anyway, after that the day deteriorated, that is, the day didn't deteriorate but I did.  Today I really procrastinated and it wasn't pleasant.  Oh dear.  If I had written my blog earlier in the day before it disintegrated, this might have been more cheerful, but I couldn't get started on anything. I frittered. Frittering is not a good way to procrastinate. 

I still have to do my Icelandic homework. Well, you've heard this before, too:  tomorrow is another day.  I hope so.