how hard is that?

All I had to do today was write three pages.  Three pages of a synopsis.  Three pages of a synopsis based on material I know so well, that I've been working on  for....ages.  Oy. Not that easy. Hard, in fact.  I worked ALL day and I am exhausted.

I wrote a lot. I wrote a  lot more than three pages.  I wrote about half of a treatment and realized I was writing too much telling too much giving too much detail.  Scrapped it.  Well, I didn't scrap exactly, just saved it under a different heading.  Years ago a friend of mine said, "No energy is wasted, Bettyjane."  (In those days, she said "Betty Jane", but I'm Bettyjane now. Please note.) Anyway, I believed her.  No energy is wasted. You can always use it somewhere else, and if not, just think of what you learned. So I filed the half (baked? assed?) material and launched another attack,not an attack, really, more like a sidle.I sidled into a succinct summary of what's going on. I printed two copies of it so I can take a look and see how it reads.

Not now. Tomorrow.