I'm in "sort-of" (see yesterday) limbo.  This is not the religious holding pattern a putative soul is/was supposed to go into , between Heaven and Purgatory.  We won't go there. No, take the second definition (from the online dictionary):

 limbo: "an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition"

   Does that ring a familiar bell with you?  I mean, aren't we all, most of us, in an intermediate state or condition?  I often describe myself as halfway between then and now. That's pretty intermediate. And we all spend a lot of (too much) time on hold , especially if a problem with the computer is involved.  It's not all bad, though.  I've been working and thinking so steadily with a new screenplay that I have entered it into the sub-stratum of my thoughts, so I haven't stopped writing even when I'm not writing.  You could compare it to an involuntary tongue poking into a cavity -  not comfortable and not an attractive image.  To me It's more like a stimulating companion that I turn to and it's there, always there (lying in wait?).. I have problems to solve so there's always something to chew on (sticking to my dental image).  I haven't had a breakthrough during this process but I can hope.   Soon, I hope.  Anyway, on the conscious level, there's always something to do. 

Just busy somethings: I had a birthday brunch yesterday; Matt came for dinner; I did the laundry this morning; and my big project of the day was my Icelandic homework.  Tomorrow I have some financial business to attend to, and some heavy-duty letters (marketing pitches).  Perhaps by mid-week I can get back to my subtextual companions.  

What am I going to do with them?  They haven't told me yet.