blue jays won again

Not only yesterday's game but space in my day and mind.  Blog lost to Blue Jays.  Well, they need me. 

I've actually started to do a little work while I watch.  There are some multitask things I can do while watching and during commercials, so that eases my conscience a bit, and my workload. 

I can't say as much for the NYT.   i get it daily online now and I'm going to have to stop, or be more disciplined. I woke early enough this morning to have time to write my blog before swimming but the NYT was right there and I got hooked (too often).  But how else would I have known that Paul West died?  Among other things.

In the meantime, I have started a countdown towards the creation of a (first draft) screenplay.  I can see it pretty clearly now but I have only just begun to vibrate with the emotions of the characters.  Fits and starts. 

Like the Jays. Do you think they'll make it to the World Series?  Oh, my suffering blog!