i can resist anything but temptation

Oscar Wilde, of course.  The tricky thing about temptation is that new ones keep popping up. I try to avoid it rather than resist it.  When I changed computers (from HP to Apple) I decided I would not LOOK at the games.  I was spending far too much time on Free Cell and had just discovered Spider (was that what it was called?) so I simply ignored access to any play things.  Better not to get hooked than to try to get un-hooked.

But I just got hooked again, to something else. See, I used to get the Sunday New York Times, every Sunday, obviously, and I loved it, devoted most of my day to it and clipped and saved items for other people as well as for myself.  I realized I couldn't get it while I was on my six-month (now three-month) cruise, so I stopped it last month and subscribed to the daily NYT online, so I'd get it on the ship.  Well, oops.

 It's daily, it's early, and it's addictive. I usually wake early enough that it presents no threat to my 6 a.m. swim. But I find that if/when I wake too late, I still read and read and kind of slip by the time of immersion.  So far it's 6:05 or 6:15 but once last week it was 6:30.  The thing is I like to swim alone.  There are other early risers, not quite as early as me, but if I leave it too long, it's not my private pool. 

Always a new challenge.  

But I'm learning a lot.