more memories

I  think of lots of blog topics when I'm not in front of the computer but when I open it up, I go dry and can't remember a thing. Now I have a blog folder into which I stick cryptic notes and hope they mean something to me later.  So here are some thoughts for memory lane, if you're old enough to join me.  I wrote down some brand names of popular female products not from my time but from my mother's and older cousins, 

Mother used Pond's cold cream. I think her cologne was named "Mimsy" (as in borogoves? I doubt it.) I used to buy her a bottle for her birthday and she was effusively thankful about it. We had a maid in the days before the war. Once in a while she took me with her on her day off (Thursday afternoon). I suppose my mother had an engagement.  Anyway, Jean's "perfume" was called Ben Hur, and it came in a precious little cobalt blue bottle that I wish I had now because I collect blue  bottles.  There was another fragrance in a blue bottle called "Midnight in Paris".  A little later, in my teen-time, but I didn't wear nail polish and still don't, there was an exotic brand called Chen Yu and it came in dark colours: green, black and blue, way ahead of its time.  I see young women on the subway wearing those colours but now they have stars and squiggles and all sorts of motifs on top of the colours.  

I can still remember the products that sponsored the Eddie Cantor show on radio: "Ipana for the smile of beauty and Sal Hepatica for the smile of health."  Oh, and I can sing the jingle for Bryl Cream: "Bryl Cream, a little dab'll do ya/ Bryl Cream, you'll look so debonair. Bryl Cream, the gals will pursue ya/Simply dab a little in your hair."  

It was years before I understood the pun in the Fisk tire ad. A little kid in his nightshirt, holding a candle, is being told "Time to re-tire."  And then there was the Bon Ami slogan.I think Bon Ami was some kind of household cleaner for glass or something fragile, because the line went "hasn't scratched yet," with the picture of a cute little baby chick.  

Well! This has drawn up a little heap of memories that probably don't mean anything to you youngsters. But if you're hockey fans I bet  you can sing the Hockey Night Song even though it's long since off the air. Me, I remember the song the Happy Gang used to sing on noon-time radio.  Keep smiling.