just like heaven

Do you remember the movie, Just Like Heaven?  Reese Witherspoon is in a coma, between life and death, and she visits Mark Rufalo who has rented her apartment while her family waits to see if she lives or dies.  Well, a spoiler, but it's an old movie: she lives, but she doesn't remember him from her coma visions.  At the end, when he comes to find her and touches her, she remembers all the nice things about him and they live happily ever after.

I bought the DVD so I saw the extra bits.  Her memories  include scenes where things were not so good. They weren't deleted; the audience saw them but they were deleted from her memory when she touched him. The extra bits reminded us of what she had chosen to forget.  I think sometimes we do that, I know I do, - but I remember the bad things,  sometimes, when I'm on a downward spiral. Then it gets worse, hard to get off the roll and look up.  I remind myself of that, when I get low lower lowest.  Good things and bad things happen to everyone. Not that we should put on rose-coloured glasses and be like Candide, thinking everything's lovely in the best of all possible worlds, but we do have some choice.  We can choose to remember the good things, look on the bright side, as the saying goes, and look UP.  After all (I can't stand this) tomorrow is another day.