laps ahoy

The nice thing about writing on a laptop is that you don't feel as if you're working.  Until you're finished and realize that you are quite tired. But that comes later.  Right now I am sitting on my sofa (missing my balcony) with my legs stretched out, feet on a footstool, my little pal on a lap desk as I try to think of something useful, constructive, beautiful and arresting. Ay, there's the rub, trying to think of soothing useful, constructive, beautiful and arresting -  Hey, my auto-correct just changed something to soothing and that's quite good, isn't it? I think I'll keep it.

This effortless effort makes me think of Stephen Leacock's words about writing being so simple: you just jot down things as they occur to you.  The jotting is easy; the occurring is hard. And then there's Ring Lardner's line about sitting in front of the paper/typewriter until drops of blood appear on your forehead.  Now i'm going to have to look those up so see if I'm right. ...

“Writing is no trouble: you just jot down ideas as they occur to you. The jotting is simplicity itself--it is the occurring which is difficult.” Stephen Leacock (1869-1944) 

"Writing is easy, you just stare at the paper until little drops of blood appear on your forehead" --Ring Lardner Jr. (1885-1933)

Well, that's not bad, is it?  I can't remember the numbers in a bridge hand from one end of the hand to the other, but I always remember a good punch line. 

Laptops are fun.