a confluence of noodges

Spelchek wants to change noodges (sic) to noodles and I have to be very firm with it, and repetitive.  I have a lot going on right now, almost what you might call stressful but I'm too old for that sort of thing. In my ulcer days, in my Other Life, I used to get a stress pain (building an ulcer) if the cleaning lady didn't show up. Right now, the loss of my wallet has complicated things a bit (a lot), but it will all work out. I hope.  

I looked up confluence. It has to do with rivers, as I'm sure you know, but the image in my mind is of several streams coming together.  The streams are my various to-do lists, and the mighty river is my trip to Boston at the end of the week. But I will find pauses in the ongoing rush and I will enjoy the large, calm pool at the end of it. I hope.  

I saw the film, Lucy,  yesterday.  The premise is that we all use only 10% of our brain and this poor (beautiful Scarlett Johansson) girl is forced to use all of hers.  That has been a myth for as long as I can remember, that we function with such a small percentage of our potential.  It's true in this way, that if a person suffers damage through a stroke, for example, and loses some skill or cognition he formerly had, new areas of the brain can be trained to take over to compensate for the loss. It's also true that we are lazy and mostly content to muzzy along doing what is absolutely necessary for our survival and well-being without making any effort to do more, improve, achieve, broaden our horizons - all that stuff you read in self-help books.  The brain is ready but we aren't, including me.  

This week I'll try.