they will come

If you are waiting for someone to come, for sure they will come if you go to the bathroom. Or start a blog.  I am waiting for Gateway Grocery to come and I need them to come soon because I have to put away the groceries before I leave for the day for Stratford. I hate waiting. I get nervous when I wait.  I start thinking I made a mistake, got the time or date wrong, something. So now I am waiting. So I thought if I start a blog they will come.

They haven't come yet.  Oh dear.

Now I can't think of anything to say, just banal things like don't forget you need brown bread for a smoked salmon picnic later this week.  Not pumpernickel.  Check other supplies.

I'm going to start a new, huge list of things to do before I leave the country for six months. 

He called! He's coming! I don't have to wait any longer.