morning already?

Too soon, too soon.  I wrote late last night after a day in Hamilton celebrating a friend's birthday. I haven't even had my swim yet.  Slow start.  I'll check in later....don't hold your breath.

Here I am, end of another day. Today is Sunday New York Times Day.  Every week we are urged to read the most gripping novel(s) of the year, a book you can't put down, a revelation, something you never knew.  One has to read between the lines to decide.  I think I have to wait a little longer before I order things.  Well, some things I know I don't  need or want, but then, you never can tell.  All my life I have always thought there was something else I must know, must learn before I put it all together.  I have learned a little, but not enough, never enough. 

Oh, now, how about the fashion?  T-magazine came  this week, too, "Revisiting Spirit," with reports on cutting edge (?) arts, décor, fashion, and so on.   Well, the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) has helped me to a deeper understanding for and indifference to Fashion. I look at most of the creations and I wonder how one could get on the subway wearing any of them.  I do, however,  admire much of the fashion I see on my fellow passengers.  I like the long black skirts that some of the women wear.  I bought one for myself, actually, but I have never worn it on the subway.  I'm afraid of tripping.  I have enough trouble with escalators as it is. I worry about young women's feet. They wear flip-flops and I'm afraid they will stub their toes and ruin their arches. 

Ah, well, I do run on. And so does my battery.  Time to re-charge.  Anon, anon.