if not now when?

What a day!  I want to say: hard and horrible but I have no right to call it that. I'm okay , just tired.  My brain is a little worn.  But I haven't written my blog for the day.  I have a file folder now full of bits and pieces, clippings and scribblings, ideas that I think, or at one time must have thought, were worthy of a blog's worth of writing. But my brain is tired and not co-operating and I can't choose. So how about I give you a list of possible blogs?  Then you can choose one for me, or - here's an idea - you can write one for yourself. Here goes:

-What if Ophelia kept a diary?

-The Queen's handbag. (contents) I've actually written bit about this - on a piece of paper somewhere.

-Comment on a statement I read by an Arthur Krystal ( author of 2 essay collections): "..some scientists claim different parts of the brain are switched on by our using a pen instead of a computer."  I've been using a pen and recipe file cards all day, trying to create a new outline. Maybe that's why my brain is wrung out.

What happens to a creative urge when you scribble a note and file it away? Well, this, for one thing. A mini-blog, a half-assed essay, an incomplete thought.

Far too self-indulgent.