the second mouse gets the cheese

You've heard that one, I'm sure, the smart argument parrying the statement about the early bird. You already know what I think about procrastination, how useful it is in separating the A-list from the C-list.  If you wait long enough, the Cs either drop off or become As and then you can see your course of action.  An article in The New York Times reports on the increasing amount (not number) of pre-crastination (sic) going on: people knocking off tasks with surprisingly distant deadlines. Apparently, doing this gets rid of the pressure of the deadline hanging over one.  Deadlines don't hang.  Sometimes they lurk, but mostly they are out there, up ahead, lying in wait.

Of course, one has tasks, jobs, things to do that have no deadline as such, but that drift on, butting into one's conscience now and then, requesting and then demanding attention.  For me, these usually rise up as I am trying to get back to sleep after a pee break.  (That's why I have a night light in the bathroom, a very dim light, very dim, so as not to wake up my brain. I don't appreciate a wakeful brain at 3 in the morning.) I don't want to think about them now, either.  I wish you hadn't brought them up.

I'll think about them tomorrow.