where does the time go?

It's not the time that goes, it's the energy.  it's a popular belief - myth - that time goes faster as you get older. The hazy, lazy days of endless summers that you lived through as a child just seemed long because you did so little that you had trouble filling all the time at  your disposal and that's why the time seemed long.  Now you have so much to do that time is too short. I don't think so!  It's not time that is in short supply now, it's you. 

There are lots of admonitions to help you get along.  Don't work faster, work smarter. Do one thing at a time versus multi-task. Many hands make light work as opposed to too many cooks spoil the broth. If you want a thing well done, do it yourself, or, delegate!  You choose. Above all, keep a list.  Don't forget to seed the list with things you've already done. It will make  you feel so much better if you can tick off more things that you  have accomplished. 

Yeah, well, there remains today to take care of. I  have about nine hours, if I'm lucky, to perform a major job today. The thing is, I have to allow for nap-time. If you don't already know this, naps are very time-consuming.