a hunting we will go

I went shopping today, a rare excursion for me, looking for a tablecloth, and came  home with a pair of earrings. That was okay and I won't go into details. What I want to tell you is my discovery, no, not a discovery, - an affirmation -  of my narrowing interest in things and my broadening appreciation of what I have. As I said it's a rare event for me to go into a store other than a supermarket, and even then the market is not very super, so it was a revelation to see what was available, goods set out to delight and to lure the credulous, credit-happy consumer.  This is another of those times I am increasingly coming upon when I am so happy to be so old and beyond temptation (almost). 

It's like the joy and satisfaction I experienced when I first realized that I don't  like cheesecake and that I am not one bit tempted to eat it.  I am so glad when I find something I don't want to eat!  Walking through that beautiful store this morning and looking at all the lovely articles on display and not wanting anything was a delightful experience.  I recommend it.