into each life a little snow must fall

But this is ridiculous,the weather, I mean.  Toronto hasn't had that much snow, compared to other regions, but it's cold, cold, cold, and continues to be so. Two years ago we had such a warm March, the plants got fooled and the fruit trees started showing off and when the temperature dropped later in the spring, the blossoms shrivelled and there was a poor apple crop.  Cause and effect.  Well, this weather is affecting me. I am producing very few apples. I still want to hibernate and hunker down by the fire.  But I don't have a fireplace.  Think warm thoughts.

Not that people aren't trying, to think warm thoughts, that is, and to pass them along. I don't frequent FaceBook or YouTube but people send me stuff from these sophisticated hot spots.  I am up to my epiglottis with cutesy, heart-warming pictures of cats getting along with dogs. foxes snow-diving for mice, babies being very smart and people being smart-ass.  None of this compensates for the lack of  heat,  not even maple syrup.  Sap rises with bright days and cold nights.  I don't.

Perhaps I'm having a cold snap.