predictive editing

Hey, I took touch typing in my youth so I am not a two-fingered writer.  Sure I make typos but not to the extent that my computer thinks.  Case in point: it just thought I wanted to say exert. I did not. I corrected it to extent, and it left out the first t, so I corrected it again.  I don't think it was all me.  This program keeps second-guessing me, assuming I want to say something I don't.  Well, just now, it put an apostrophe into don't for me and I appreciate that.  But let me try to write a complicated idea and it starts editing.  I used to have magazine editors like that, I mean ones that put words into your mouth, not mouth but copy, ungrammatical copy.  That is maddening when you have to give grammar lessons to someone who is supposed to know more than you. i guess that's what annoys me about my predictive, corrective computer.  I really do know what I want to say, most of the time.

Right now, I want to say good-bye. I knew this would be a short blog because i just wrote one six hours ago.  That's not long enough for the silt to settle.