oh my

It's a good thing I wrote my blog early yesterday because the rest of the day disappeared.  It was just too much.  It didn't help that I went the wrong direction on my first errand.  Well, I never begrudge extra walking - good for me.  But I've been thinking about my infallible inaccuracy.  I am directionally challenged, navigationally impaired, geographically stunted - in other words, I can't find my way out of a paper bag. It's not because I'm old and losing marbles. I've been like this all my life. I've probably told you before: I lost my map when I was born but I swallowed a clock (I have a good sense of time).

When I was eight years old I was in Grade Four and considered smart.  My teacher forgot something at home one day and chose me to go and get it for her.  I wasn't that smart. She gave me carfare and directions and I went to pick up the article, whatever it was, at her home. I got lost. I wandered around the neighbourhood where she lived and finally found a public pay phone (no cell phones in those days), and called to ask for more guidance. Anywhere I go, it helps to ask.  It helps even more if the person I ask speaks the same language, preferably English.  This is not guaranteed, even in Toronto.  And when they do speak English, they don't know where I'm going, either.  Usually, now, I just try to figure it out by myself and if it means more walking, well, as I say, that does me good.  (Pollyanna, remember?) 

So yesterday was no different, no worse because of my advanced age, perhaps better because my recovery time is faster and I can go to Plan B quite swiftly. I am annoyed, though, because I can make the same mistake several times before a path (rut) settles in my mind and I can find my way without a helpful nudge. 

I guess I'm good at some things.  But my ineptitude keeps me very  humble.