are you there?

The question is, am I?

Ever since Squarespace changed and "improved" the service, I can't create a new post. I'm going to try to save and publish this now and see what happens....

Well, that took a while but it's up and legible.  Then I found a way to edit, that is, add on.  Not sure what I've done but I'm here now for a while maybe.

I was going to write something about imperial me.  My Pyrex one-cup measure is so old the numbers have disappeared from the side of the cup. My eye, however, is trained to fill it to 1/3 or 1/4 or 1/2 - whatever, without looking.  My eye, you see, is imperial.  I can't measure at a glance in metrics.

I've said before that I'm an alien on this planet.  For temperature, which is in Celsius, I know that 70 Fahrenheit is sweater weather outside. 10 Celsius is a scarf with a jacket; 0 C is Chilly.  And I have a few palindromic numbers to guide me: 16 Celsius is 61 Fahrenheit; 28 C is 82 F.    That's all I can do.

As for miles/kilometres, I go by time now. A place is an hour away or two hours, like that.  

I live in a Wonder World.

Is it any wonder I am dismayed that Squarespace has rattled my cobweb?  I'm not sure if I can get back tomorrow.How do I save it now?