on the whole...

On the whole, a good day, full and mixed.  The big news which I haven't absorbed yet: I have "pre-cancerous" bumps on my nose that a dermatologist treated with frozen nitrogen. My nose is  going to look worse before it gets better, but it doesn't hurt.  I also had a pink bump on my elbow. Pink is bad, according to the dermatologist.  So my elbow was frozen and she cut out a piece of it for biopsy and I CAN'T SWIM FOR THREE WEEKS!!!  Not even allowed to get wet for 48 hours. 

Well, now, the good news is I can go back go bed and do more work in bed in the morning, and heaven knows I have a lot to do.  I must pedal more to make up for no swimming. That means more mysteries and detective stories, thrillers, whatever.  And more walks - hope the weather holds.  That will be good.

But it was a nice day.  I felt quite buoyant and talked to everyone on the street and in the stores I went into and everyone was so friendly and responsive and interesting.  

Tonight I went to the Awards Night of the Writers' Trust. The awards are serious money: 20,000 dollars and 25,000 dollars, and I don't begrudge a cent of it because I know how hard writers work.  I'm not envious either, though I wish some of the recognition and success would trickle down to me.  Ah, well, I'm very good at being humble.