not enough hours

Did anyone watch the 7th game of the World Series last night?  I don't watch the whole season but I try to take in the Series - sort of a memorial gesture to my husband as we watched together.  I love the slow build of tension.  Right down to the last moment. The last person up to bat could have changed everything, right down to the last pitch. Wow.

Still catching up.

Had to write the review of the book for the National Post. Reading my own book, second draft, making notes. Cooking dinner for a guest tonight. (Had two guests two nights ago and they wrapped my balcony for the winter.) Have to finish my quarterly GST report by tomorrow afternoon. Checking in with my son and his counsellor in the morning, going over his budget, plans, clothes. Haven't written my thank-you letters. Going to the opera Saturday and to Canadian Stage Sunday. 

Plus the Sunday New York Times.  (Behind on my clipping service to others.) 

I'm having a good time. 

Now, tomorrow - maybe I'll get back to normal, whatever normal is.