lost day

Two, actually, almost.  I won't go into detail about yesterday.

Today I read a book. That's not news. But I needed a day to myself to sit and read uninterrupted. I also have to review the book by the weekend. I signed up for a book from the National Post readers' club. I received it just before I went to Boston and decided I wouldn't read it in bits and pieces while I was away, I'd just sit down and read it in one sitting when I got home, so I did. Now I have to catch  up with the rest of my work, including my blog.

I don't skim. I gulp. I'm almost dizzy when I return to earth. I am capable of enormous concentration.  When my babies were tiny I didn't allow myself to read because I feared I wouldn't hear them or I would forget them. I was not to be trusted. When they were older I could afford to read without that fear. My son John developed a way of attracting my attention and pulling me out of a book.  He would start softly, saying "Mummummummmmmummmumm" gradually getting louder and higher until the sound was like a bee attacking me. It penetrated until I would come out of my trance and shout "What???" 

Isn't reading a miracle? Really. We are so blessed. Words leap from the printed page (or e-reader) into your head and mind's eye. The movie in your mind is so vivid. I find that I have to choose carefully whether I want to see the movie if  I've read the book.

Back to reality.